3 Reasons To Consider An Affordable Mattress In A Box For Your New Bedroom

Building your dream home is a big deal. But renovation is expensive stuff. 

Just how “expensive” are we talking? 

According to the experts, it’s between $35,000 to $38,000 for a brand-new 3-room BTO flat, $40,000 to $46,000 for a 4-room BTO flat, and $47,000 to $56,000 on a 5-room BTO flat on average in 2022. 

Not the kind of numbers anyone can just casually cough up.

The natural reaction would be to scrimp by opting for the cheapest mattress in a box, or the most affordable floor mattress

Whatever it is though, don’t skimp on the things that matter! 


From single size mattresses to queen size mattresses, if you’re renovating your new home or revamping your bedroom, here’re 3 reasons why you should invest in a memory foam mattress


Spoiler alert: the best King size mattress in a box will not cost you a King’s ransom. 


It’s A Fuss-Free Bed In A Box Delivered Straight To Your Home, What’s Not To Love?  

Between the flurry of planning and overseeing various parts of your home’s renovation, you could do with one less problem. 


A fast delivery mattress is one way to go. 


Our roll packed mattresses are delivered straight to your bed frame at zero extra cost. Having a rolled mattress in a box also means that you get to reap the benefits of a compact package that takes up less space and allows for efficient set up as and when you like. 


Oh and for those who are wondering, yes, these are full size mattresses in a box. No assembling necessary. 


A Memory Foam Mattress Is An Investment That’s Going To Last You At Least A Decade

The biggest part of every bedroom is? 


The bed. 


After all, this IS where you rest from the day’s work, catch up on restorative beauty sleep… engage in steamy pillow talk, perhaps… the idea is there! 


To get every bang for your buck, consider investing in a memory foam mattress


At Hausary, our memory foam mattresses are made with latex instead of synthetic viscoelastic.

One benefit of Latex mattresses is that is is non-toxic, unlike its synthetic counterparts which can be an irritant for some of us, such as those who suffer from asthma.  


On top of being #aunatural, latex mattresses are also are highly durable. 


So yeah, a good latex mattress can and will take it rough, for a good 10-12 years. 


That’s a decade worth of a dedicated back care mattress that has your back (spine) quite literally. 


If that’s not a good investment, we’re not sure what is! 


Your Partner Will Thank You For The Gift Of The Best Mattress In A Box

Whether you’re sleeping with someone on a queen size mattress or a king size mattress, a hot day is a hot day is a hot day. 


Singapore’s heat is unrelenting even after the sun sets. And that means clammy PJs, waking in the middle of the night in desperate hopes for a gentle breeze, and worst of all, rashes. 


So just imagine having your bed do the cooling down for you. 


At Hausary, we understand your pain. That’s why our memory foam mattresses are all equipped with cooling technology to help them double up as cooling mattresses to perfectly combat Singapore’s heat. 


Our memory foam mattresses feature body smart designs that best support the natural curvature of your spine, and helps distribute weight evenly, making each night feel like a therapeutic trip to the chiropractor's. 


As a bonus, these chiropractic mattresses help minimise movement and is especially useful for restless sleepers, helping them enter dreamland faster and smoother. 


Call it a cooling mattress, a chiropractic mattress, a body care mattress, call it whatever you like. 


We call it the Hausary experience. 


Online Mattress Sale: Prices & Promotions

So by now, this question has undoubtedly floated to mind – if these memory foam mattresses are really all that, surely it’s going to be, oh, I don’t know, in the 5-digits. 


And technically, you’d be right. 


Typically speaking, a premium King sized mattress can easily cost, well, a King’s ransom.


However, at Hausary, you get to enjoy the best king size mattress in a box at a fraction of the usual price tag. 


A memory foam mattress under the Relaxen series will cost you between S$999 to S$1,299. And if you want to step it up a notch, try Luxus, which will cost you between S$1,099 to S$1,399. 


And that’s just the usual price. Keep your eyes peeled for regular promotions!


The truth is, between quality, price, and aesthetics, there isn’t a hard and fast rule on which should be prioritised when making a purchase that will value add to your quality of life. 


But if something’s firing on all cylinders – it’s clear we have a winner. 


Add The Best Bed In A Box To Your Cart, No Regrets In Your Heart

For that rock-solid sense of security, we’re offering a 10-year warranty for all our memory foam mattresses


That’s 3,652 nights worth of sleeping on a body care mattress with complete peace of mind. 


For those who are still doubtful, we still have one more trick up our sleeve to convince you that a bed in a box could just be what you’ve been looking for all this time. 


Decide for yourself if the Hausary memory foam mattress experience is for you with no strings attached. 


Take us up on our 100-day sleep trial offer! 


Sleep like a King for 100 days on the best king size mattress in a box, and if that’s not the lifestyle for you, have it returned without a single cent charged. 


Sounds like a plan? 


Get started now at the best bed in a box brand  hausary.com.sg