The Insiders’ Guide: Body Care Mattresses For Your Best Sleep Ever

Nights spent stressing over the day. Revenge Netflix bingeing till the wee hours. Working round the clock. Caffeine in the evenings. You’ve probably been guilty of one of these (if not more) at one point or another, but did you know that you might have been sleeping on a major reason why you’re a morning zombie?


While you may (rightfully) blame your inability to Zzzzz on things like your smartphone habit, bedtime routine or your messy room, a too-firm mattress or even one that’s just not right for you may also be the culprit. 


If you have backaches

Did you know that 60-90% of Singaporeans will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives? 


If you’re still reading this article, it’s safe to say that you’re probably not part of that lucky 10%. 


The spine comprises over 120 muscles, and keeping it in good condition ensures a comfortable life for a long time to come. 


That’s why back care mattresses are so popular! They literally have your back by adapting to it and helping to distribute weight and pressure evenly. 


If you have a stiff neck

Whatever the size, a good body care mattress is like spending every night at the chiropractors’. If you wake up with a stiff neck and frozen shoulders on top of the daily backaches, a memory foam mattress will help alleviate the pain in various pressure points. 


If you have sensitive skin

The leading cause of mattress rash and various other skin discomforts is not the notorious bedbug. 


Chances are, you’ve maintained your mattress’s hygiene pretty well! 


It’s the heat. 


Uninterrupted sleep is super underrated. To ensure that your circadian rhythm stays undisrupted, you must keep comfy. 


And with the price of electricity shooting through the roof, it’s probably time to look into a cooling mattress – which is a cool name for latex mattresses or foam mattresses that feature cooling technology. 


If you toss and turn

Hands up if you can’t fall asleep without tossing and turning 584 times! 


Restless sleepers and partners of restless sleepers, you know how annoying this can be. Short of separate beds, you may want to consider a thick, premium memory foam mattress.


It’ll help minimise movement, which will whisk you off to dreamland quicker and more soundly. 


If your skin is easily irritated

If your skin’s been feeling (or looking) not so hot, you may want to upgrade to an irritation-free latex mattress, which is made from a natural material derived from the bark of rubber trees. 


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